Life passes, one moment at a time,
But life is lived, one choice at a time
Moral: Make your choices – and your life – count!

In My Four Life Departments (OW17) I shared the four areas of Life that I suggest everyone is concerned about – I expressed them in the first person as My Self, My Home & Family, My Work and My Volunteer Causes. I further suggested that the Secret of Success in each Life Department is knowing how to manage every relevant aspect of our Person and our Surroundings.

So now we come to a simple way to remember and identify the different elements that we should become skilled at managing in our Person and Surroundings for all of our Life Departments.

Illustration (7)

  1. The simple way to remember the items to manage in each of our Life Departments, corresponds to a simple version of the 10 elements in our Person and our Surroundings (Concepts 1-12). The simple mnemonic is PET ROCK. PET ROCK identifies not just the things that we need to manage but also the different roles we may need to play. Here is the break down – notice how the first letter makes PET ROCK. We need to manage or select our role in:
  • Our Person (Concept 1-6)
  • Our Environment (Concept 7), including both natural and man-made environments
  •  Other People (Concept 8), which we can take to mean both individuals that are peers or more organised Teams.
  • But in managing the above items and the following dot point elements we can play different Roles. For example we can be a player (active role) spectator (passive role). We can be a leader, a manager, or a worker. We can be like a child (learner), an adult (practitioner) or a parent (teacher). The possible Roles can vary depending on the PET OCK element.
  • Our Organisations (Concept 9), which could be Organisations that we are part of, or Organisations that we need to work with; they could be businesses and places of work or volunteer and not for profit; they could be formal or informal Organisations – all involve working with Other People and often with Teams.
  • Our Communities (Concept 10), could be Towns, Suburbs  or online Communities; they could be places where we live or places we visit. Communities could involve working with Other People, Teams, or Organisations.
  • Our Nations (Concept 11) which I would like to call our Kingdoms. Here I would like to take some liberty and suggest that even though we are talking here about national Governments, it could be any level of Government – Local, State or Federal in Australia. It could also include (for those that believe) God’s Government.
  1. Notice that the mnemonic PET ROCK (and the 10 elements of our Person and our Surroundings) are a Hierarchy, starting close and moving further away.

Points to Ponder

  • What different skills and capacities do we need to manage our life parts?

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