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  1. Comprehensive curriculum overview
  2. Hand-picked resources
  3. Medication doses to memorise
  4. Presenting problems to explore
  5. Medicolegal issues to understand
  6. Access to 60 original articles in 3 categories
Bonus Features
  1. Wisdom and life purpose development
  2. Guide to refresh mind, body and spirit
Resources we provide
  1. 20 knowledge articles
  2. Presenting complaints
  3. Common conditions
  4. Medications to learn
  5. Important resources
Your Best Life
  1. 20 wisdom articles
  2. Inspiring content
  3. Take charge of your life
  4. Time management strategies
  5. Leave a legacy
  1. 20 refreshing articles
  2. Bite-size health advice
  3. Eat well
  4. Exercise well
  5. Grow in spirit
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"[Material is presented in a] neat and organised manner that introduces the resources and learning objectives. As every one knows these exams are extensive and the clear understanding of what knowledge we need to have and where to get it, is very nicely done with Amedeus Education. I particularly love the summary of medication at the end of each system. :)"

-- Subscriber