Amadeus Education is a business committed to self nourishment, enrichment and learning. It has chosen to partner with KFP online due to a shared interest in providing opportunities for GP registrars to prepare more fully for the RACGP exams. The provision of the 1000+ question bank of AKT questions is the first contribution to this project.

Amadeus Education is led by Dr Andrew Harris, an FRAGCP, musician and friend who is passionate about helping people along in their journey – whatever form that takes. Andrew studied education as part of his undergraduate degree and taught high school Music and English for 3 years before pursuing a career in medicine. He found the journey through medical school, internship, residency, and fellowship unsettling, stressful and sometimes alienating. He is committed to helping people find freedom in their journey towards being an independent practitioner. He has created this place as a space of safety.

“I strive for A dream that is over the sea
A dream that’s a wonder, a mystery to me
A man tells me wait, why travel the sea?
There’s a dream that’s MUCH closer, just waiting FOR ME
WHAT IS THIS dream I am striving to SEE?
THE dream, THE wonder, THE mystery – it’s me!”

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