Quiz flashcards to help you to identify and revise various medical conditions in the dermatology field.

We at Amadeus Education believe that revision is an essential part of learning. So this site is designed to prepare candidates to complete AKT and KFP examinations as part of their journey to become a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

We also believe exploring and experiencing topics from different perspectives is an effective method that will greatly increase your understanding of a topic. Recalling that information regularly will complete the cycle of using your memory to its fullest potential, and regular exploration and recollection of a topic help to keep the pathways in your mind fresh and active.

On this site and below, you will find links to some revision flashcard quizzes to help you with your study. Feel free to revisit these resources whenever you like to help you improve your understanding and recollection of dermatology.

Dermatology Quizzes

Flashcard style quizzes for revision of dermatological conditions.