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My aim in these articles is to offer interesting and memorable principles that will help you live your best life. Here is a summary of the important overarching points covered so far.

The organising framework I am using is:

Current Circumstances + Action = Results

This was covered in article 1.

More important than money, is KASH – the bag of tricks we need to be prepared for our best life. Note the acronym: 

K = Knowledge and Understanding

A = Attitude, Beliefs, Values, Standards

S = Skills, Competencies, Resources

H = Habits of Thought and Action

This was covered in article 4.

Article 2 covered K = Knowledge and Understanding. Article 3 covered A = Attitude, Belief, Values, Standards. Article 5 Covered S= Skills, Competencies, Resources (and also touched on H = Habits)

The sub-parts implied by a Skill or Competency are:

  • Task management (ability to do the task, and navigate any problems encountered)
  • Self-management
  • Environment management
  • People management

These were covered in Article 5.

Elements of Your Current Circumstances

We are now ready to look at the elements of our current circumstances in more detail. If you were describing your current circumstances what aspects would you cover? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Your Person
    1. Your Physical Body – Health, Fitness, Wellness
    2. Your Subconscious Workings – Beliefs, Values, Standards, sense of normal, source of Emotions, your Heart, your Soul, your conscience
    3. Your Conscious Mind – where emotions present themselves, and thoughts occur
    4. Your Personal Driver – “I think therefore I am” – the real You – your decision-maker, responder, actor – your Spirit
    5. Your Clothes, appearance, body language as well as the things you carry in your pockets, your handbag(s) and your attache case(s).
  2. Your Surroundings
    1. Natural environment, including time and natural processes; weather; landforms; soil and vegetation; sun, moon and stars; rain, rivers, lakes and seas; biology and animal life. 
    2. Human environment, including buildings, cars, trains and planes; information and communications technology; money and systems of exchange; everything man-made, goods and services.
    3. Other people
    4. Groups of people/teams
    5. Organisations, including businesses and not for profits; formal and informal – including homes, places of work, places of education and commerce.
    6. Communities – groups of people, teams, organisations
    7. Governments – local, state and national, international, and God’s kingdom (see Daniel 2) 

Points to Ponder

  • Describe each element of your current circumstances
  • Rate each element  – Red = Bad, Green = Good

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