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Your Surroundings and Your Person

Last time I revisited the first three questions, which we represented by the single word Circumstances – meaning Your Current Circumstances.

  • Where are you right now?
  • What situation are you in right now?
  • What are your circumstances right now?

After defining two keywords (“Situation” & “Circumstances”) and also giving some short commentary on each question, I concluded by giving you what I called the “most basic” questions, namely: 

  • What exists (1) around you (your surroundings) and (2) within you (your person)?
  • How do (3) your surroundings work?
  • How does (4) your person (you) work?

The original three questions formed part of a formula for your life journey: Circumstances + Action = Results.

Today I am further clarifying and expanding the meaning of Your Current Circumstances, to enhance the usefulness of this concept.

More about Your Current Circumstances

After unpacking the original three questions I arrived at two existence questions and two “How do they work?” questions. In essence, the questions were asking:

  • What exists in your current circumstances?
  • How does (/ do the elements of) your current circumstances work?

But if you consider the “Points to Ponder” from last time, two more important questions come to light, namely:

  • What parts of your current circumstances can you control?
  • What parts of your current circumstances are important?

So now, in its simplest version, I am suggesting that there are four general concepts you should consider with regards to Your Current Circumstances.

  • The existence question(s) – What do you know about your circumstances?
  • The working question(s) – What do you understand about your circumstances?
  • The control question(s) – What do you believe you can influence in your circumstances?
  • The importance/priority question(s) – What do you value in your circumstances, that you should be paying attention to?

I like that we have come back to the simple notion of Your Current Circumstances (which means Your Surroundings and Your Person) and to these four essential questions above.

Another congruent way of thinking about Your Current Circumstances is to recognise that within The World, is Your World (or Experience), and in Your World is Your Focus (Your Important World) that you are interested in or concerned about, and within Your Focus is Your Sphere of Influence, where you can make a difference with control, and within Your Sphere of Influence is your Sphere of Action – the things you actually do (as distinct from what you could do.)

Points to Ponder

  • What exists / what do you know about Your Surroundings; and Your Person?
  • What do you understand about how Your Surroundings; and Your Person works?
  • What do you believe you can control in Your Surroundings; and Your Person?

How do you judge what is important and the things you value the most in Your Surroundings; and Your Person?

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