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We were made to move! These days however we are sitting for increasingly longer periods of time. One study included over 120,000 adults over 14 years  and found that people who sat for extended periods of time and did not exercise in their recreation time had an increase risk of premature death by 94% for women, and 48% for men! To be our best selves we need to find ways to move more often throughout our day. This week’s goal is to sit less, and move more!

Tips for sitting less

At home:

  • Stand and move around while on the phone
  • Take the batteries out of the TV remote so you have to get up and change the channel

At work:

  • Stand and take a break from your desk every 30 minutes.
  • Drink more water so you have to get up more to fill it, and visit the bathroom more often.


  • Park your car further away from your destination and walk the rest of the way
  • Use public transport so you have to walk to and from stops or stations. And offer your seat to someone who needs it & stand.

Now, decide what you can do now, or in the next 24 hrs to sit less & move more.


Quick, delicious, nutritious. That’s what breakfast needs to be for many of us, right? Here’s a recipe that ticks all three boxes.

Overnight oats (Makes 2)

1 cup quick oats (or quinoa flakes if you’re gluten free)

1 mashed banana

2 tbs nut butter (almond/peanut)

2 tsp honey or other natural sweetener

2 tbs chia seeds

1 cup plant-based milk

1/2 cup frozen berries (on top in the morning)

Add all ingredients except berries to a bowl and mix really well. Store in 2 airtight glass jars with wide mouth in the fridge. Ready in the morning to grab, eat & go.


The gratitude attitude

Many of us tend to ponder the negative more than the positive. We need to intionetally fight this tendency, and a great way to do that is to create a gratitude ritual. Every day (morning ideally, evenings work too), write down in a journal or share with someone 3 things you are grateful for. Each day try to think of different things from the day before.

After doing this consistently for at least a week, see if you notice a change in yourself.

Want to know something cool? You can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time. Lets increase the gratitude attitude!

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