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Over the last nine articles (weeks) we have looked at the theory side of Your Current Circumstances, within the context of the CAR framework i.e. Circumstances + Action = Results. Next week we will be moving to the A of CAR – Action.

But today I wish to complete our discussion of our Current Circumstances by going through the exercise of describing My Current Circumstances, with the hope and belief that by doing so it will set a good example for you to be able to clearly, concisely and comprehensively describe Your Current Circumstances.

I will use the outline described last time – Your Six S’s.

  1. Your / My Season

I am sixty four years old and so, by the definition I gave last time, I am in my Autumn years (between 50 and 75).

  1. Your / My Settings

Using the analogy of life as a three ringed circus my three rings, (with their sub parts) are:

  • Ring 1 – My home or private life – 3 homes
    • My home, where my wife and I live
    • My parent’s home, which I inherited and has an elderly tenant
    • My friend’s home, left after he passed away and which I feel responsible for 
  • Ring 2 – My education / work / retirement – 4 parts
    • (No formal education for me now)
    • My main place of work – an alternative education setting for disengaged secondary school students
    • Writing these articles for my son’s website – developing an interest in online business
    • A business that my tenant has in water purifying technology, a worthy business I fear will die unless I support it and them
    • Our family finances, mortgage, superannuation and preparation for retirement, potentially within 2.5 years
  • Ring 3 – My worthy causes –  community groups and church – 8 parts
    • Local political group
    • Community health board
    • Community development board
    • Community centre board
    • Employment group board
    • Community theatre board
    • Local choir
    • My local church

Each of these three Settings (and their parts) is made up of 3. Your / My Surroundings and 4. Your / My Self. We will consider both of these in more detail in the weeks ahead when we start to take action. 

At that time we will use 5. Your / My Strengths and 6. Your / My States to help us to respectively determine our capacity to control and our motivation to improve Your / My Settings.

In the meantime, I would like to add two more rings to Your / My Settings. Even though people are included in each of the three rings mentioned above, there is a need for a fourth and fifth ring to bring added focus to the care and development of yourself, your children, your aged parent(s) and key people in your life.  

  • Ring 4 – Myself
    • MySelf (Health, Wellbeing, Fitness)
      • Physical Health / Fitness
      • Mental / Emotional Health
      • Education / Mental Dev’t
      • Spiritual / Values Dev’t
      • Social / Relational Wellbeing
      • Entertainment, Interests
      • Legacy
  • Ring 5 – My significant people
    • (No Dependent Children or Parents)
    • My Key People
      • Wife
      • Children / Grandchildren
      • Friends and Relatives
      • 3 Ring Associates

Points to Ponder

  • Describe Your Current Circumstances.
  • How many rings do you need to completely cover Your Current Circumstances?
  • How much time do you spend on each ring?

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